Fabienne Pascale Lombaerts Bingen

  • Født: 26. april 1971
  • Død: 7. november 2018

Fabienne was born in Brussels, Belgium, on the 26 April 1971. Very early, she showed skills in communication and languages. She made a graduate in commerce and management in Brussels. She started right away to work for a company manufacturing load cells, called Sensor and Synergy in Charleroi. There she developed her skills in selling industrial equipment worldwide. Fabienne moved to Norway with Bernard and they married in Trondheim in 1998. Fabienne developed a very rich professional life in Trondheim, working in sales departments of some iconic companies: Norshell, DFDS, Q-Free, Bilfinger, Transinor, and finally Chiron. Fabienne was a joyful and very social person. She liked going out to small restaurants, in small assemblies and establish personal dialogue with friends. Fabienne enjoyed very much summer holidays in the countryside of France, Italy, Spain, Romania and of course Belgium. Fabienne was spending her spare times learning languages: beyond French, she spoke Dutch, English, Norwegian and German and she was enjoying practicing Italian and Spanish. Fabienne was a very good friend with cats and dogs. She passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly, at home in Ranheim, on the 7 November 2018. We will always remember her for her good humour and her own way of enjoying life.   Bernard Bingen, her husband, Claire Chaval, her mother, and Jean-Paul Liégeois, her stepfather, Henri Lombaerts, her father, Franz Bingen, her father-in-law, Cécile and Jean-Paul Pontégnie, her aunt and uncle, Christine and Benoît Pontégnie, her cousins, Dominique Portugaels, her sister-in-law, Philippe Bingen, her brother-in-law.

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